Friday, July 13, 2012


Hats are an amazing accessory. They show character, flare and fearless fashion sense. They protect your head from the sun and they shade your eyes. But the most fabulous things about hats to me, a vintage stylist, is that there is no other singular item of clothing that encapsulates an era of style like a hat. A hat speaks to its own era: 20's cloche hat, 50's pill box hat, 40's broad brimmed sun hat, the golfer's cap of the 30s, the turban of the teens, the exuberant hats of the 80's, the floppy denim hat of the 60's.... A hat can identify and inspire your entire vintage look.
The classic men's 50's Fedora for the Mad Men look.
a broad brimmed felt hat from the 40's
Exuberant Orange hat from the 80's More hat's from my collection:

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