Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Cleaning

Usually we have a Spring Cleaning but the weather was so nice and we had so much going on at the shop (did you swing by for HonFest?) that we forgot to do the Spring Cleaning and now, here it is the first day of Summer. So, Summer cleaning it is. we are digging through the store room and finding a ton of things we have been holding on to because they are neat and fun but not really worth giving floor space or merchandising. Thus we have formulated a plan:

On Saturday, June 23 from 11am - 6pm Charlotte Elliott and the Bookstore Next Door will be putting on our First (Annual) Dollar Sidewalk Sale.

There will be clothes, books, puzzles, glassware, fabric, whatsits, oddments, hats, shoes, "Bits of String too short to save" and stuff-that-you-won't-know-why-you-need-but-must-have-because-it-is-a-dollar.

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