Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday at the shopH

Here we are on another Wednesday surrounded by piles of treasures we have found on our travels. I love days like this when we unpack the boxes of acquisition and revel in our talent at finding things. We imagine how delighted our regular customers will be with our clever treasure hunting. We spend the day tagging and labeling and finding places in the shop to display... I wanted to share a little secret with you, my dear reader, Wednesday is the best day to get great deals at our shop. I will tell you why: if we haven't priced it yet and haven't had to move half the shop to find a pace to put a new thing and if we haven't become too attached to our new item we are more in the mood to give you a great price! So keep that in mind, shopping at Charlotte Elliott on a Wednesday can be the best day to shop.

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